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Fishing report
Thomas Hill (2/3/2008)

Water Level  
Water Temperature 60-64 Degrees
Water Color 1 foot visibility...stained
Water Conditions calm in the canals with current...windy on the main lake.
Air Temperature 40 Degrees
Wind Condition SE Winds

    Got out to Thomas Hill Reservoir today and fished from 9:30 am till 3 pm. The bite was okay throughout the morning hours but about 1:30 pm the fish really started to turn on. I was able to get 3 hybrids in the first 15 minutes of fishing at the start of the discharge canal. Two came on a black chrome 1/2 oz rattle trap and one on a storm swimbait. I then motored up to a point where the canal splits and caught a  keeper largemouth on my first flip working a Naked Bait Company Jig in Chart Blk with a brush hog trailer. After fishing for an hour without a bite I motored further up the canal and managed to get three hybrids around the bend. One on a Cabela's rattle trap in baby bass and the rest on the rattle trap. I then motored on up some more to where the canal starts and caught  another keeper largemouth on the rattle trap that was just under 17 inches. The current was so swift I would have to motor up after each pass. I caught two hybrids on my second and third passes. I got tired of having to do this so I decided to drift on back. I was rotating my traps and a Naked Bait Co. Jig. I drifted on back boating 6 more hybrids on the trap and two were over the 18 inch limit. I managed to get another largemouth on the jig that was a keeper. I decided to throw right back in there with the trap and got another largemouth over 15 inches. I wasn't expecting to get into as many largemouth. Drifting further on down I hooked into a big fish on a trap that came undone. Didn't see him but he was definately a big one and felt like a big ol' hybrid. Caught a couple more short hybrids and made it back to the split in the canals. Threw a trap past a brushpile and got my fifth keeper largemouth to end the day. I was up at Thomas Hill last weekend for the first time ever with a friend and we didn't get squat. The water then was 45 degrees. With water temps being in the 60's, Thomas Hill lived up to its winter time potential. If your getting out on Thomas try fishing the points and bends and fliping a jig to brush. The wipers are everywhere most were caught throwing to jumpers. Sorry no pics because I was flying solo for the day.

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